Llanteg Community Councillors

Llanteg village is covered by Amroth Community Council which covers the wards of Amroth and Llanteg/Crunwere.
This includes the villages of Amroth, Llanteg, Summerhill, Stepaside, Pleasant Valley and Wiseman's Bridge.

There are twelve Community Councillors across the two Wards:-
Roger Harries - Amroth (Chair)
Glyn James - Amroth (Vice-Chair)
Bernard Lawrence - Pleasant Valley
Alan Davies - Pleasant Valley
Joyce Lewis - Summerhill
Rosemary Tippet Maudsley - Amroth
John James - Llanteg
Stephen Phillips - Llanteg
Pauline Davies - Llanteg
George Jones - Stepaside
Martyn James - Amroth
County Councillor Tony Brinsden

The Community Council meets monthly and alternates between Amroth and
Llanteg Halls. Details of Council meetings can be found on Notice Boards, in the press, on Amroth Parish website and also Llanteg items on llantegcommunity.blogspot.co.uk .

To contact the Community Council about any local issues, please contact the Clerk:
New clerk for Amroth Community Council:
 Victor Dennis, Redials Farm, Stepaside SA67 8JJ
 01834 811810

Llanteg Resident Councillors
By a quirk of the rules Martin James who lives in Llanteg covers Amroth Ward while Pauline Davies who lives in Amroth covers Crunwere. 
The actual councillors resident in Llanteg are shown below but in effect if you have a problem contact whoever you know or go via the Clerk.
Tony Brinsden, Norton Lodge 01834 831775 (Amroth Ward)
John James, Hafod Haf 01834 831227 (Crunwere Ward)
Martin James, Oaklands 01834 831375 (Amroth Ward)
Stephen Phillips, Old Stable Cottage  01834 831497 (Amroth Ward)